Bishop Oscar Maloba


Founder and senior pastor of Christ Temple of Worship Ministry, Bishop Oscar Maloba has provided spiritual and practical foundation and guidance to many to build their lives.

Bishop Oscar Maloba is the founder and senior pastor of Christ Temple of Worship Ministry. He is also the founder of Christ Temple of Worship Birmingham and Bradford to whom he gives apostolic oversight. A deliverer of the message of God with understanding and passion, Bishop Maloba is a charismatic and revered Pastor, husband, father, counsellor, a national and international Christian speaker specializing in the fulfilment of the Vision of God for His people.

Together with his wife Rev Eve Maloba, their mandate remains to teach the undiluted Word of God. As a servant of God, his aim is to spread the Word to the world, encourage individuals to develop themselves spiritually, heal the broken hearted and the sick. Reverend Eve is also the host of the Complete Women’s ministry.

Today, thousands of individuals and families of all ages, races, colour and social status call Christ Temple of Worship their church home. Over the years, Bishop Maloba has comprehensively taught numerous messages nationally and internationally covering subjects such as The Holy Spirit, faith, anointing and walking with God, divine healing, blessing and favour, relationships, family life, marriage, financial freedom and prosperity, evangelism, the kingdom of God and many more.

His favourite book in the bible is Psalms, stating that the book of Psalms has everything in the bible. “Everything that one might need or want to know is in the Psalms because all the scriptures and all the prophecies are there.” His favourite passage is Psalm 27 which he has said has kept him in every single struggle and that it has nurtured who he is in his darkest hour. It is this Psalm that he has quoted on numerous occasions to encourage himself.