Rev. Eve Maloba

Complete Women.

They are beautiful, confident independent and are at the centre of the Lord’s heart, living in the higher purpose that God has placed in them.

Complete Woman is a fellowship under Christ Temple of Worship led by Reverend Eve Maloba that began in 2007 with a vision of equipping, arming and sharpening women of all ages to rise up and effectively move in God’s will and purpose for their lives.

“Keeping ourselves spiritually fit through prayer, fasting and in the word is something we are continually seeking to do, echoing Colossians 2:10 that says ‘And you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power,’ Rev Eve said.

“Our faith in Christ has made us whole with nothing missing or lacking.”

In their daily lives as Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends, ministers and leaders, they try to and aim to live out what Christ did as they await the perfection/salvation of their souls.

“The knowledge of our true identity in Christ is what gives us the confidence, boldness and determination to impart and reach our generation with the love of God.”

Reverend Eve said the vision is to train and raise up an army of women which marches on its knees in prayer, a company of women like the prophetess Deborah.

The vision and desire the Reverend has for the ministry is to build and establish children’s homes, women shelters, education programs, outreaches, missions, feeding the poor, reaching out to the lame and the blind.

“Sharing the love of Christ with the dark and desperate world is something I am passionate about doing and I hope through this women’s ministry, I and many women in the ministry will have that opportunity to impart something in other individuals through worship, prayer and enlightening people on what Christ has done and helping them discover His sufficient and amazing Grace.

A Complete Woman

Written by: Rev Eve Maloba

She is beautiful; she is fairest amongst them all,
She knows her worth,
She is worth more than Silver and Gold,
A price only one Man could pay,
She cannot be ignored – Made to Shine,
She is a light that stands bright in a dark place,
She is bold and has the strength of a lioness, a strength she takes from her heavenly Father.

She is independent, she is Lover,
The aura of her perfume has a lasting presence,
She is a Mother but also a daughter,
She is a wife but also a sister,
She is a friend but also a Leader.

A woman of Substance,
A woman of Influence,
She is gracious yet so wise,
She is glorious yet so humble,
The King saw her and could not resist,
Who is she?
She is a Woman, His woman, A Complete Woman.